How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker for your Bar


If you have a bar that is brimming with people who are attracted to your mock-tails and cocktails, you might also been noticing the number of customers you have to refuse because of your lack of a coffee and espresso maker. It is hard to compile a list of the best coffee makers in the world, but one can mention the best qualities that you should be looking for in a coffee maker of your choice.

Qualities and Needs

When choosing a coffee maker for your bar, what you should inherently be looking for is the audience that you will be catering to. If you already have in mind the kinds of beverages you will be serving, the problem of making a choice becomes a much easier one.

  1. If you are covering only a very basic hot cup of coffee then a Saeco Vienna espresso machine will be your friend.
  2. Specialty coffees are a whole other story which requires you to make lattes or espressos and even go ahead and finish off a brilliant cappuccino. More attachments, merrier your coffee will be. These coffee makers mostly have to be convenient to provide quick service and easy enough for everyone to use.
  3. The best pod coffee maker on the market is the one that can fit into the space that you have allotted for the specific machine while not being too big. If you are specifically looking for a coffee machine for your coffee bar then a big machine is not a problem. While solving the problems of quantity, it will also provide the best quality in terms of flavor and froth. The quantity should be enough so that multiple replenishment of ingredient is not required and it can let you carry on with your coffee making and other drink making activities.
  4. It is also a point to be considered that the consistency of the coffee maker should not vary too much from day to day. Consistency is what the customers flowing into those bar stools.
  5. A gourmet coffee maker or a drip coffee maker is my chosen ( I found the best list here : ) machine because it can come up with the best taste as well as a fine dense solution that can leave your senses in a tizzy

Where and How?

You can probably find a great machine for the coffee you mean to serve online. From around ten dollars to a hundred dollars, you can find a machine that can complete every wish of yours and commercial coffee makers are used not just for bars but in offices, hotels and restaurants. The competitive prices can also induce you to look at coffee makers that are at a higher range but provide exceptional product.

The West Bend 33600 or the BUNN VPS 12-Cup are makers that are built to cater to a crowd of customers. The different shapes and sizes are not to confuse you but are to bring to your notice the amazing amount of coffee and machines that can change your business completely.